Making Lemonade from Headlice

educating in adversityIf any of your children attend school, or if their friends attend school, chances are your family has experienced head lice. Even homeschoolers can get them from the neighbor kids. 🙂 Great topic for a blog post, isn’t it? Well, yucky as they are, head lice are remarkably easy to get rid of, but their presence also provides a Teachable Moment for your family.

  1. My children always ask me, as we go through our lice regime, “Why did God create head lice?” Wow! What a great opportunity to go back over the book of Genesis and review the story of Creation. I get to remind my children that the Lord didn’t make any of the creatures of the earth to annoy us, poison us or eat us, but that all those inconveniences are due to the sin of Adam and Eve. Sometimes, we get on to other topics, such as how Adam named the animals, or that God promised us a Savior who would redeem us from our sins, if not from head lice.
  2. While we are in the throes of a lice invasion, I get to spend a lot of extra time with each child. Strange as it may sound, this is an opportunity for me to give some extra attention to those children who may be less affectionate than the others.
  3. It’s great character-building – I get to develop and display some really important virtues, such as perseverance, humility, and forgiveness – because those lice had to come from somewhere, didn’t they? We often pick them up from our very best friends.
  4. I usually mumble something about lice having some part to play in the eco-system, and we should do some research, but I haven’t ever gotten around to this. When they’re gone, it’s a matter of out of sight, out of mind. I’m sure you, dear reader, are more diligent in this than I am.

Now for the treatment: it’s not difficult or expensive, it’s totally natural and only harms your head lice…and I don’t think they’re an endangered species J


  • Plastic spray-bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Hair-dryer (optional, but gets the quickest results)

Method: Half-fill the spray-bottle with white vinegar and top up with water. Then place a towel around the infected child’s shoulders and spray their hair liberally. Now, take the hair-dryer and dry the child’s hair. The heat combined with the vinegar will loosen the ‘glue’ that holds the louse eggs to the hair. You should get rid of most of the eggs this way. The vinegar also kills most of the live lice on contact; just be sure to thoroughly wet the hair to its roots. Other children in the family, who have no sign of the lice, will benefit from a light spray of vinegar, as a deterrent.

This regime needs to be repeated daily for three to four days; after this, check every few days, in case some of the eggs were missed. Repeat if necessary.

So, that’s it for my advice about making lemonade from head lice.




Kathy lives in Australia, and is a mother to fourteen children, including one step-daughter and a set of twins. She has been home-educating for twenty years. When she became a single mother, she decided to seek her fortune in the blogosphere, and now, with some help from her children, runs three blogs and two online businesses. Please visit her Etsy store A Beautiful Home.

4 thoughts on “Making Lemonade from Headlice”

  1. This is a wonderfully helpful post. One question: do you sanitize the entire house’s liens,pillows, stuffed animals etc in addition to the vinegar?

    1. Hi Cocomama,
      I usually just change the pillowcases of the affected children daily, and spray everyone else as a precautionary measure. As long as I have caught the ‘invasion’ in time, this seems to work.

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