Lessons in Buying Bulk Herbs

Earlier this week I posted Ordering Bulk Herbs and Supplies on Everything Home with Carol. In that post, I shared how I was working up an order, what I was ordering and why, and who to order from. Well all that planning got me thinking about more lessons for the kids. After all, can’t they learn something in all this? Certainly. So following are a few lessons you might like to try with your children when ordering herbs in bulk.

  • If you have print catalogs, younger children could cut out and make a collage of pictures. They can sort the pictures by color, or parts of the plant, or body system the herb is used for.
  • Tell your older child what you would like to order and have him do it for you. Have him do it on a paper order form to practice filling out forms and have him do it online, too. Doing it on paper requires that he do all the math, calculate the sales tax and shipping charges, fill in all the lines on the form correctly, etc. Doing it online helps him to learn to navigate a website.
  • Read a few product descriptions together and then have your child write a few of her own. Ordering green tea? How would she describe it.
  • Does the catalog or website have educational information? Read all you can, learn, and apply.
  • Have your older child pick several of the products listed in the bulk herbs section and research what they would be used for. Have him write a paper covering what he has learned. Have him use them in formulas.
  • Cut up a listing from a paper catalog and have your younger child put the products in alphabetical order. You can also use headlines from the catalog for copy work. Or you can scramble the letters of the names of 10 herbs and have your child unscramble. He can use the catalog for help.

These are just a few ideas. But I hope they get you thinking of more of your own. They are quite similar to what you will find in Lessons from the Seed Catalog. So if you haven’t ordered your copy of that little booklet, you might do so now. Also, if you come up with any more ideas for lessons from ordering herbs, please share them in the comments.

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