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I know, I have been AWOL around here, lately.

BUT I wrote a book. And it’s done! And it is being released on Monday! Don’t you just love the cover?

homestead cooking with carol

Maybe you already heard that. Maybe you ventured to open one of the emails I’ve been bombarding my readers with this week. I hope it’s not too much. I’m just excited as all get out.

Please hop over to Everything Home with Carol on Monday for the release and drop by the Everything Home with Carol Facebook page between 8-10 pm EST on Monday for our Facebook party on homestead cooking. I covet your input.

Speaking of input…

I’ve already mentioned that I’m planning on combining this blog with the Everything Home with Carol blog soon. (It’s gotten postponed because I’ve been so busy with my book.) So if you get emails from that blog, don’t get alarmed and please, don’t mark them as spam. I’ve combined my email lists so that I don’t miss anyone.

So, here’s what I want the input on. What kind of questions do you have about homeschooling on the homestead? Really. I want this space to be useful for you, not just another message to clutter up your inbox. I want to be of value. So let me have it. You can leave your questions in the comments, email me, ask them on the Facebook page. Whatever. Just ASK. 🙂 And then I will gear my posts to what you want to know.

Speaking of posts…

Here’s what I have coming up. The chicken boy has been busy. We have a batch of newly hatched quail in our living room right now. I know, folks don’t normally hatch chicks in the dead of winter. But he was reviewing a product and will be writing a post about it for you. So stay tuned about that.

quail chick

And the chicken boy’s little brother has not been sitting idly by. In fact, he’s been quite the entrepreneur himself. And I want to share his efforts with you.

Also, my regular column “Homeschooling on the Homestead” in From Scratch Magazine is due out February 1st. So if you don’t subscribe (it’s free) do so now.

Guess that about covers the housekeeping for now.

Blessings to ya,

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