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All good things must come to the end. I have finished Issue #8 of Lessons from the Homestead newsletter and sent it out to all subscribers. So as of Noon EST today, 6/18/12 this giveaway is over. I do appreciate all those that participated and hope to hear wonderful things about how you use the ebooks. God Bless.

In the wee hours of the night, while waiting for my son to come home from work, I started working on the latest issue of Lessons from the Homestead newsletter. When I pulled up the dashboard for that program, I discovered that I have 197 subscribers.

“WOW!” I thought.

“That is almost 200.” šŸ™‚

So I decided to have another contest to boost those numbers over 200. Here is how it will work:

New subscribers to Lessons from the Homestead newsletter that subscribe BEFORE the next issue goes out, get a free copy of the ebook of their choice. If they tell me you sent them, I’ll send you a free copy, too.

If a person subscribes to the newsletter and Likes the Facebook page, they get TWO ebooks FREE. If they tell me you sent them, I’ll send you free copies, too.

If they subscribe to the newsletter, Like the Facebook page, AND follow this blog, they get all three Lessons from the Homestead ebook series titles. AND if they tell me you sent them, you do too!

This is gonna be fun. Just do it now, as I’m working on the newsletter and expect to send it out by Monday!

Just leave a comment here and let me know what you did so I know.

Blessings to ya,


61 thoughts on “FREE Ebooks!”

  1. I was referred by Signed up for all three! Excited about it because we’re researching everything so we can be ready when the opportunity presents itself!

  2. I was also referred by Our family is starting a homestead of our own on our .25 acres…LOL but plan to sell and move and start a farm in the near future. We are looking for way to learn & teach our kids all about living on our own homestead. Thank you for offering this free stuff, love it!

  3. I subscribed to emails, liked you on FB, and subscribed with Linky. Thanks! We are just starting to homestead, as we can, in the big city. Building a coop now for our 4 chickens, and have high hopes for our rooftop garden. Blessings!

  4. I was referred by as well! I signed up for newsletter, am following your blog and also liked you on FB! Thanks for the books! My children should really enjoy these lessons.

  5. Thank you for offering your e-books for free! I was referred also by and have signed up for all three. I am looking forward to exploring your newsletters and reading your blogs.

  6. I, also, was referred by I am now a follower of your face book and blog. I signed up for your newsletter, too. I love homesteading. We garden and raise livestock. I am loving it!!

  7. I had already subscribed to your newsletter and liked you on facebook before now. šŸ™ sniff, sniff. šŸ™‚ I did subscribe to the blog by email, though. šŸ™‚ Have a blessed day. I know you will get a lot of response with this great offer!

  8. Ok, so hi and thank you. I am new to a few things such as how in the world do I follow your blog? I have liked you on facebook and subscribed to your newsletter but I do not know how to follow anyone’s blog. I also just started the whole blog thing so that could be why anyway thanks for all you do.

    1. I feel for you, Marianne. I don’t think it’s all that clear, either. In the sidebar, you can click on the orange square under the heading “Follow Me,” or you can put your email address in the field below that to get updates via email. OR you can scroll down a little bit and click on the “Follow Me” in the Linky Followers box and follow that way. If you need anymore help, just let me know and Welcome!

  9. I, too, found you thru and signed up for your newletter, blog and facebook page. Thank you for making this material available for free šŸ™‚

  10. Hi! I was referred by FreeHomeschoolDeals! I subscribed to your newsletter, liked you on Facebook, and subscribed to your blog. Thanks so much! šŸ™‚

  11. I was referred by too! I signed up for all three of your communications. I am excited for the different ideas on how to bring lessons to life! Thank you very much.

  12. I found you through and I did all 3 things. Well, tried to do the e-mail but haven’t gotten the e-mail to confirm but as soon as that comes I will have finished all 3. Thank you!

  13. I will have completed all three once the e-mail comes through to confirm. I found you through
    Thank you!

  14. I found you via and signed up for the newsletter, blog updates, and liked you on Facebook. Thanks!

  15. Found you site through Freehomeschooldeals on Facebook and quickly decided that your info is fantastic. Glad to see something that uses everyday situations to make the most of schooling opportunities. It will make “school” more fun for my two. Thank you!!!

  16. I subscribed & am following your blog but for numerous reasons, we don’t use Facebook. We’d love to study Lessons from the Seed Catalog.

  17. I found you through freehomeschooldeals and so I decided to subscibe to you newsletter, follow your blog and like you o facebook. Thanks so much. I homeschool and am just starting the homesteading aspect of life. Should be fun and interesting.

  18. I was referred by, did all 3, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to follow your blog. I’m a homeschooler who has always dreamed of homesteading but we rent a home with a very, very small yard and strict rules from the HOA. There’s a very run-down house with a few acres that is for sale near us, and I am praying that God reveals a financing option or another home all together for us so that we can finally start living out that dream. Your blog will definitely be a help should His will put us down that path!

  19. I found you through, and immediately signed up for all three! Can’t wait to get the ebooks!

  20. I was referred by also. I did all 3. Really looking forward to the 3 e-books. We live on 3 acres in southwest Tennessee. Learning to garden and be more self-sustaining also.

  21. I found out about you through I just signed up for your newsletter and I subscribed to follow your blog through my google reader. Unfortunately I do not use facebook, so could not do that one. I am looking forward to looking through your site and reading your newsletters and e-books.

  22. I am doing all three. I don’t have a Linky account, but I added you to my google reader. I hope that counts as following!

  23. I just learned about your site through and I’m so excited to start getting your newsletter and follow your blog (I liked you on Facebook, too). Your learning from a seed catalog ideas look great by the description. ‘Can’t wait to see the whole thing. Thank you for the offer!

  24. I signed up. I am excited to learn from your experiences. Also , I found you through

  25. I subscribed to all three! šŸ™‚ I also found out about you from I hope I made it by the deadline because I am really excited about these e-books! šŸ™‚

  26. I found you through freehomeschooldeals! I subscribed to the newsletter and blog and liked you on fb. I’m really excited. We live on a farm, so these types of life lessons are right up our alley!

  27. I am following you on “linky” but can’t seem to get the blogger “follow me” at the top right to work, so i hope following you on linky will work for this contest? I’m also liking you on facebook and subscribing via email. . . excited to read all of these!

  28. What a wonderful giveaway Carol. I’ve done all 3 — subscribed to newsletter, liked facebook page, & following by Linky & email.

    Love your site & am excited to read more.

  29. Came to your site through and and loving it so far! I think that you and I have very similar ideas about educating our youngsters. I’m at the beginning of my journey and enjoy reading about families who have been there and done that.
    Thanks for the book. Downloading them onto my ereader and excited to read them! Now to convince my husband that yes, after we get the chickens, we do need to have bees. Though he’ll tell me that the neighbour is a bee farmer so we don’t have too.

  30. I was referred by, I signed up for email, liked fb page and subscribed to blog. Fhsd mentioned the new issue wouldn’t be delivered until Monday, but I see that you already delivered it. It looks like I’m a bit late. Excited to read the blogs and learn what I can teach!

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Priscilla. Since today is Tues., yes you are a bit late. If you scroll down on the FB page, you will see I posted a link to the latest newsletter that I actually sent out on Friday. But I kept the giveaway open until noon of yesterday (as the paragraph at the top of the post explain). However, check your email, I’ll send the books to you anyway. What’s another day?

      1. Thank you so much! I don’t know why I thought today was still Monday! Can’t wait to begin using these ~ thanks again!

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