Lessons from the Seed Catalog

I got my first seed catalog in the mail this week and, boy, am I excited. Not just because I’m anxious to get my hands in the dirt. But I’m excited about all the school assignments that come in those catalogs.

Lessons from the Seed Catalog

What? You’ve never seen all the wonderful school curriculum hiding in your seed catalogs? Well, let me share a few assignments with you.
On the front of my Gurney’s catalog is a giant coupon that reads: “Good for $25.00 worth of products in this Gurney’s catalog when you buy $25.00 or more of additional products at the catalog price.” Have your child go shopping in the catalog. Using the order form found in the catalog and have him “order” $50 worth of product, figuring the totals, the tax, the discount, and the shipping.
See the customer reviews in the shaded green boxes on the pages of the catalog? Have your child write his own review of his favorite vegetable.
Assign a paper answering the question: “What is the difference between hybrid, open-pollinated, heirloom, and genetically modified when it pertains to garden seeds?”
But this is just a sampling. You can get more than 50 lesson plans using your seed catalogs from my unit study Lessons from the Seed Catalog. This unit is full of ideas to use with elementary, middle, and upper-grade children. You can use any catalog. In fact, the more the better. Plus, I give you the names and contact information to order your own…if you don’t already receive them in the mail.

Start integrating your homesteading with your homeschooling now. Buy Lessons from the Seed Catalog and you will see how easy it really is.

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Read what others are saying about Lessons from the Seed Catalog:

As a home educating parent, I was astounded by the missed opportunity that Carol J. Alexander laid out in front of me. I had the “ah ha” moment. The format was simple yet, as parents facing the critics of the world, simplicity is overlooked for fear of that perfect educational model that we should fit ourselves into. I have fallen victim to what the world says we “should” be teaching our children instead of listening to my instinct that says, “Your child is fully capable of living, learning, and thriving on simplicity.” … Carol J. Alexander has taken simplicity and formed it into an understanding and knowledge base that home educators can physically see.

Excerpt from review by Amanda Werner on Parent at the Helm.

Although my two sons are now adults, I enjoyed reading through Carol’s Lessons from the Seed Catalog. This unit study contains so many fun lessons ideas! During my years as a home educator, I would loved to have used several of her creative yet practical lessons for teaching math, language, art, and science right out of an ordinary seed catalog.
D.G. Alexander
Margate, FL


I took a good look at the curriculum and think you did a great job, Carol. I love how you can use it as a base for information, yet each level has their own work to do. I think I like the math section the most. Sometimes math can be so monotonous, but this will teach kids to think using everyday (at least for us gardeners) situations…so much more fun than a text book! I think it would be an exciting curriculum to look forward to in the Spring when everything is warming up and we(especially homeschoolers) are ready to change it up a bit.

P. Rosenberg
Seminole, Florida

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