Lessons from the Hen House

If you and your children enjoy watching your backyard flock–whether chickens, ducks, geese, or turkeys–you will definitely enjoy the lessons found in this unit study. Over 50 ways to study math, science, language, art, home economics, and more are included.

Lessons from the Hen House

Unsure? Here are a few examples:

  • If I have 6 chickens that each lay 1 egg per day, how many days would it take me to get 1 dozen? 2 dozen?
  • If your chicken weighs 6 pounds before butchering, and 5.2 pounds after dressing, how much did the waste weigh?
  • Wash and dry out egg shells. Soak in a strong food coloring solution to dye the shells. Dry again and crush. Glue the crushed shells to paper to make a collage or picture.
  • Have your child visit the website for a poultry company. (See the appendix for a few ideas.) Following are several ideas for writing projects from this site:
    • Have him choose a page and re-write the ad copy on that page.
    • Have him pick his favorite bird and write a description for the catalog.
    • Choose poultry breeds that originate in other countries. Find those countries on a world map. Using an almanac, research facts about those countries.

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Remember, this is just a sampling. Also included is a page of valuable resources and a list of vocabulary words.

Still not convinced? Here are a few words that others have said about Lessons from the Hen House:

My favorite thing about the unit study is simply that it takes real life and turns it into education. Which is what true education is about anyway! –Heather at Mountain Home Quilts.

Lessons from the Hen House is exactly the type of resource I liked to use during our homeschooling years. It offers ideas that can be used immediately with little to no prep time, and can be used with one student, a family, and/or a homeschool, 4H, or other group. –Karen Lange, Veteran Homeschooling Mom

I would highly suggest this unit study! It is affordable, educational and very easy to use! –Shay at Wonderfully Chaotic.

It’s perfect for homeschoolers and kids in traditional schools alike. It’s great for any kid who likes farm animals, in fact. And what kid doesn’t like farm animals? I can’t wait to start this with my kids! –Kerrie at The Kerrie Show.

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