An App for a Tree House?

Remember Lessons from the Tree House? It’s one of my Lessons from the Homestead e-books. I had so many wonderful comments about tree houses from readers and friends while I was working on that book.

Arianna said, “I need a tree house to do my club stuff without being bothered by my little brother.”

Donovan shared, “I think that a child should have a tree house so he can stretch his imagination.”

And Pete Nelson, author of Treehouses: The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb, said, “A treehouse is a place where you can discover who you might become.”

Well, after reading his column yesterday, I think New York Times bestselling author Jason F. Wright probably did just that. It was titled, “Want to play in the tree house? There’s an app for that.”

In this column, Wright shares his poignant memories of growing up with a tree house in his backyard. He shares that after purchasing six acres of mostly wooded property, he and his father “picked a tree within eyesight of the house, but far enough away that to a boy it felt like a different ZIP code.”

And just as 14-year-old Donovan uses his tree house to stretch his imagination, Wright says that his tree house became the place where he “learned to tell stories about creatures seen and unseen” and discover “that the world was as big as I wrote it to be.”

I encourage you to read Wright’s column. It’s a touching account of what a tree house means to a kid. And if you finally decide that your kids need a place like that, don’t forget to come back here to get your own copy of Lessons from the Tree House.

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